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    holiday shopping season fineness of economic recoverySince last year , the firm set up a proofing centers, design centers and fabric research and development center. Hot Sale Yesterday afternoon , the reporter called the home actually official customer service phone , customer service staff told reporters , raffle was launched yesterday at the event on the last day on May 12 , will be officially lottery .Try to eat at the meeting, as long as there is one person views , commodities must be returned to the factory again improved .Because they can bring and buy fresh consumption , the whole family will be accurate data through the POS machine sales .

    If retailers offer discounts too high , it may cause damage to their profit margins .Advertisements for the " right to use" no mention of the issueAbout " Shenyang actually home suspected illegal lottery ," the report immediately drew attention Shenyang City Industry and Commerce Bureau . Dandong Wei , vice president of Starbucks Greater China had previously said it plans to open 8-10 stores in Changsha , and gradually extended to the periphery.Some luxury brands and even shopping malls will be asked to specify their requirements decor, and free of renovation costs , or require malls stationed directly buyout commodity sales ." He said , speaking of traditional Chinese culture , " Wu " , know these, but also know why." ," Chinese people tend to be more modest, Westerners behave as a more confident, aggressive .

    Liu cited an example , LOreal Lancome s sales last year made ??300 million euros in China , an increase of over 100%.Visiting the market , the reporter and his companions spent a whole day, hundreds of booths is not too much , each booth area is not large enough to the point of exaggeration , just because there s booth operated by commodity is not there repeat , that is, you buy in a store favorite costume , you can not see in the market is on the other stalls.But beginning in 2010 , the "double 11" in the days of cat orchestrated become the " Taobao" one of the biggest surprise in the system each year ." Lynx store or V + is presented in the form in front of consumers , brands need to store display , the overall layout of the marketing planning efforts. After the evidence is complete, notify law enforcement officers on the spot actually home Jinyuan store relevant person in charge : "This promotion alleged unfair competition , it is recommended to immediately stop .The reporter also learned that despite sales growth during the Spring Festival , but businesses can protect the normal distribution and basic installation .

    Hot Sale Earlier media reports said a large department store for luxury big point deduction is generally not more than 20% of other charges related to fewer , rather than a luxury class products deduction is often as high as 30 % to 40 %.China Merchants Securities analyst Zeng Min retail industry believes that the Internet has changed business forms , but does not change the nature of retail , whole sectors of retail , the basic factor is the flow of information flow, product flow, cash flow , O2O eventually need to form a complete commercial closed loop .But for the majority of Shanghai s foreign trade enterprises, are now at the crossroads , continue to export , getting smaller and smaller living space ; while another way , way out and do not know where they are."Fast fashion " accelerated into Anhui trendy gives " People First price"


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